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Roof Sheathing and Its Benefits

The reality of a lot of newer homes is that sometimes they’re mass-produced and built too fast, meaning that roofing problems occur. If you are experiencing your first roofing issue or want to prevent one, you should understand that a roof has several elements. A lot of people assume that the two main parts of a roof are the gutters and shingles. However, what goes under the radar is roof sheathing. Today we’re going to discuss what roof sheathing is and its benefits. 

What is Roof Sheathing? 

Roof sheathing is also known as roof decking. It’s the durable and thick layer of wood boards that attach to your roof’s trusses and joints. A professional roofing company attaches the shingles to these wood boards or planks.

What Material Makes Up the Sheathing?

Plywood or oriented strand board (abbreviated OSB) comprises the makeup of sheathing. Both of these are wooden materials, but OSB is a more lightweight material. It is also a more affordable option. Plywood, on the other hand, rates higher in durability and makes a roof much heavier. A lot of professional roofing companies prefer OSB unless they’re using plywood to match the heaviness of the other materials that they use. It’s typical and best practice for professional roofing companies to use concrete or slate roofing tiles with plywood versus OSB. 

What is the Purpose of Roof Sheathing? 

Sheathing boards help to strengthen a home’s roof. It offers a durable support system to ensure that a roof has a solid foundation. Other benefits include the prevention of leaks, roof support, and fire prevention. 

  1. Leakage Prevention-Without sheathing, a roof is more likely to leak. Asphalt shingles have several weatherproofing treatments and boards that give them an extra layer of protection. The sheathing is also waterproof, extending a roof’s lifespan, and making water damage a non-factor. 
  2. Added Strength and Support to a Roof– Roof sheathing evenly distributes the weight on a roof. When a massive snowstorm comes around, you won’t have to worry about your roof sagging or bowing.
  3. Fire Prevention– Roof decking helps with fire prevention. Roof sheathing comes with a fire-retardant treatment that helps prevent attic fires. 

If you believe that your roof isn’t up-to-par, then contact a professional and expert roofing company like us today. 

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