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How Can I Prevent Roof Fires?

Roof fires make up a small percentage of the fires that occur in the U.S., they can still cause a lot of damage and spread quickly.

When most people think about  roof maintenance, they think to protect their property against leaks and molds. However, there are also precautions that you can take to prevent roof fires or attic fires. While roof fires make up a small percentage of the fires that occur in the U.S., they can still cause a lot of damage and spread quickly. Today we’re going to share some tips with you about how to protect your home against a roof fire. Keep reading! 

What Makes a Roof Fire So Dangerous?

Most attics are unfinished and don’t contain smoke detectors. Typically homeowners will not know that a fire is happening until enough smoke accumulates and reaches other parts of the home. In other cases, they don’t notice smoke until it rises from the roof and is visible from the exterior of the house. 

Roof fires are so destructive because there’s often a lot of fuel around to help flames spread quickly. This fuel can include wood support beams, holiday decorations, or other dry items that homeowners store in the attic. These items not only make flames spread quickly, but they can grow in size as well. When this happens, fire becomes more challenging to put out. Following these maintenance tips below will ensure that your home won’t be at risk.

Have an Electrician Examine Your Wiring

Faulty wiring is the leading cause of attic fires. You should hire an electrician to check your wires routinely, especially if you have an older home. Circuiting that is up to code makes your home safer; otherwise, you and your family are at risk. 

Sweep the Chimney

A lot of dust and debris builds up in the chimney. A professional should come out and clean it yearly, especially if you own a fireplace. Removing organic material from your chimney helps to reduce the chance that sparks will ignite and start a roof fire. 

Fire-Resistant Roofing Exists

Ask us about fire-resistant materials if you need a roofing project done. Roofing projects have come a long way because modern materials lessen the chance of property loss. Some disasters are inevitable, but this is one that you can prevent. Take control and protect your home.

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