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How to Keep Your Home Warm During the Winter

Is your home warm and toasty? Winter will be here soon, so you want to make sure that your home is ready for it. When winter weather is at its worst, having a drafty house is a detriment. You can warm your home by replacing drafty windows, among other things. Here are some ways that you can keep your home nice and toasty during the winter season.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows

Do you have older windows with air leaks? Then, it’s time to let an expert window installation company install new, energy-efficient windows. Not only are we experts regarding roofing, but our window installation is top-notch as well. Because home is where the heart is, we believe that every homeowner should be comfortable in their home. Make your home more comfortable with high-quality windows. We suggest double pane windows.

Invest in Roofing Insulation

Making sure that your roof has proper insulation is another way to keep your home warm. When the winter weather is too cold for you to bear, you may feel inclined to blast the furnace. However, without proper roofing insulation, the heat will only escape. With heat escaping from your home, your thermostat will never reach the temperature that you desire. Not only will your house still be cold, but this could leave you with a costly heating bill. 

Another result of improper roofing insulation is cold air entering your home as well. Efficient roofing insulation works to keep cold air out and warm air in so that your home’s temperature is optimal. Inefficient roofing insulation is often overlooked, but one of the top reasons why a house is colder than it should be.

Change the Way You Open Your Blinds

Were you aware that opening your blinds on the south-facing side is one way to control the best furnace there is (the sun)? Opening your shades on the south-facing end lets in the sunshine, and naturally raises the temperature of the sun. The less you have to use your HVAC systems, the better. It saves you more money. 

Do you not have energy-efficient windows in your home? Are there air leaks or drafts in your home? Are you unsure if your roofing insulation is on point? Then, call us right away so that we can give your home an assessment. Paying attention to these seemingly small issues will put you one step closer to having a warmer home during the winter. 

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