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Towson, MD Residents: Learn How to Protect Your Roof From Inclement Weather

Towson, MD, is a beautiful place to own a home. One way to enhance the longevity of your Towson home is to tend to your roofing systems. The weather will finally start becoming colder this weekend, and you should know how to protect your roof in case of inclement weather. Protecting your roof during the fall and winter means that you do things all-year-round that aid in roof protection. Today we’re going to discuss what those things are and how to protect your roof against inclement weather such as rain, wind, ice, and snow. Keep reading!

Regularly Inspect Your Roof

Did you know that you can start roofing inspection inside of the home? You’ve most likely inadvertently done this. If you’ve ever noticed a leaky roof or brown spots, then you probably automatically knew that there was water damage. Blistering or bubbling paint are also indicators of water damage. Also, check for damp marks near your fireplace if you own one.

Check Your Loft

The next place to check is your loft, preferably on a sunny day. If there is damage, then sunlight will peak through worn or broken shingles. When it rains, water damage will be apparent, but you should still check for signs of leaking or damage. 

Move onto the Exterior of Your Home

Unless you’re a licensed roofing contractor, you should not walk onto the roof of your home. It’s not safe. If you’re not afraid of heights, what you can do is grab a ladder, inspect, and bring a companion along to jot down things that you notice. If you are afraid of heights, you can use binoculars and find the proper position to view your roofing systems. If you don’t prefer to do either, then you can give us a call. That’s honestly the best option. Our eyes know what to look for, and we know all about maintenance, preservation, and restoration. 

Inspect Shingles and Tiles

Not only should you look for missing, curling, chipped, or broken shingles and tiles, but dark patches and lines also mean there’s damage. Also, if your roof doesn’t appear attractive to you and looks as if it’s seen better days, then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Other Tips

  • Check the chimney for peeling or dislodged flashing
  • Clear your gutters of debris
  • Look for moss and black algae
  • Tend to overhanging trees

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