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How to Safely Decorate Your Roof

Some people exclaim, “Bah! Humbug!” when colder seasons roll around because they don’t look forward to the bitter blast of chilly weather. Others rejoice because colder seasons are synonymous with the holidays. Winter will be here before you know it, meaning that you want to pay extra special attention to your roof. As Christmas gets closer and closer, people love to display holiday lights and decorations. An array of beautiful holiday decorations is appealing to look at, but the process of putting them on your roof can be quite dangerous. We’re an expert roofing company that believes in safe practices. Continue reading for some tips on how to safely decorate your roof. 

Use an Efficient Ladder

We only recommend that a professional contractor go on to a roof. During the winter, a roof can be cold, slick, and dangerous. However, we also know that the holidays, especially Christmas, is a time where you want to make the entire experience magical for your children. If you decide to be the brave soul that decorates on the top of your home’s exterior, then make sure that your ladder is durable, high-quality, and stable. To decrease the chances of a roofing accident, make sure to place the ladder on firm, even ground. In the case that your home is on an incline, use leg levelers for balance and support.

Only Install Outdoor Lights

Not installing outdoor-approved lights could lead to disaster. A fire could spread within merely a few minutes. Make sure that your outdoor-approved lighting has certifications backing it. Just like our roofing company is GAF-certified, you want to ensure the safety value and legitimacy of any home upgrade. 

Also, if your holiday lights have cracks in them or exposed wires, throw them away. You should also be careful about how much energy you use. Some outlets cannot handle a lot of power, causing them to overload.

Other Roofing Tips 

  • Keep yourself and decorations far from power lines
  • Don’t decorate with products that could damage your shingles. If the item is too heavy, don’t use it to decorate
  • Never staple decorations to your shingles. Doing so will cause severe water damage because your shingles are now exposed
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