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Gutter Replacement: Knowing When It’s Time

Having efficient gutters help protect your property against water damage, which can be quite costly. Cleaning your gutters twice a year may be necessary, especially when inclement weather happens, or when your property has a lot of trees around it. Cleaning your gutters ensures that they don’t become clogged. Even with regular maintenance, it’s typical […]

Signs That You Got a Bad Roofing Job

Most of us have been here before. We paid for a service that saved us a pretty penny, only to find out that the quality wasn’t there. Never let this happen to you again. Hiring a professional roofing company like us ensures high-quality service. You should take your roof seriously. It’s one of the most […]

Replacing Your Skylights and Knowing When It’s Time

If you have a skylight, you already know that these fixtures are a fantastic way to attract natural light into the top floor of your home. Skylights are one of the most efficient forms of daylighting, and they add a sophisticated touch to any space. Like any other exterior fixture, skylights require occasional maintenance. If […]

4 Common and Avoidable Siding Installation Mistakes

When it comes time to consider new siding, there could be many things driving the decision. Perhaps you’re thinking about selling your home, and you need to improve curb appeal. Maybe you’re worried about winter, and you want to seal out the cold drafts and lower your heating bills. Perhaps you’re simply tired of the […]

What’s the Big Deal About Phil DiBello Family Roofing?

Phil DiBello Family Roofing is highly-rated for a reason. We got our start in 1979, specializing in high-quality residential roofing repair. Now, 40 years later, we’re still in business, and our list of satisfied clients and high-quality services has grown. Not only are we roofing experts, but our expertise is in widow and siding installation […]

4 Signs That Your Windows are Energy Efficient

Choosing windows for your home goes far beyond aesthetics. You want to make sure that they’re energy-efficient as well. Why does this matter? For one, what homeowner doesn’t want to save money on their energy bill? Two, fall is here, and colder weather is coming. Energy-efficient windows keep cold air out so that your home […]

What You Should Do When Your Roof Leaks

No homeowner or business owner wants to discover a leaky roof. However, there are some steps that any homeowner or business owner can take not to exasperate the process. Also, some precautions will help minimize costs and prevent future roof leaks. Are you a homeowner or business owner that’s unaware of what you should do […]

Towson, MD Residents: Learn How to Protect Your Roof From Inclement Weather

Towson, MD, is a beautiful place to own a home. One way to enhance the longevity of your Towson home is to tend to your roofing systems. The weather will finally start becoming colder this weekend, and you should know how to protect your roof in case of inclement weather. Protecting your roof during the […]

How to Clean Your Windows Properly in the Fall

Here at Phil DiBello Family Roofing, we supply a large variety of windows to homeowners and business owners. From skylights to bay windows, and garden windows, and more, we can turn your house into a home with our high-quality options. However, having high-quality windows is not enough to keep them looking presentable. You have to […]

Discover the Purpose Behind Fascia Boards in Baltimore

The use of fascia boards has come a long way with new roofing technology. The primary purpose of fascia boards is to hold the roof’s gutter. It’s hard to understand the design behind fascia boards without understanding their advantages, but we’ll explain what they are. If you’re a Baltimore resident who hasn’t invested in roofing […]

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