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Why Roofing Ventilation Should Be on Your New Year’s Resolution List

The new year is here, which means that you probably have a list of things that you want to accomplish. These things may include dieting and exercising more, traveling to a new place, and saving more money. However, have you put home improvement on your list? One of the top priorities on your home improvement list should be roofing ventilation. The roof is a part of the home that homeowners often overlook until something goes wrong. Here is why roofing ventilation should be on your New Year’s resolution list. 

What is Roofing Ventilation?  

Before we get into why roofing ventilation should be on the list, we will take the time out to explain what it is. Ventilation helps airflow to circulate through a system of intake and exhaust. Adequate roofing ventilation is necessary because building condensation can sometimes cause poor roof ventilation. Ventilation can only work when air flows appropriately. There are two main ways to make airflow through an attic:

  1. Mechanical– This method requires a power source
  2. Natural– This method involves the stack effect (hot air rises and creates a higher pressure at high points in an attic) and wind effect (wind blows against a roof’s exterior increasing the intake and exhaust volume) to work together so that air can circulate. This method is the preferred option.

The cooler air that enters a home is known as “intake.” The warmer air that escapes a house is known as “exhaust.” Intake and exhaust create a natural flow of air, which helps an attic become well-ventilated. 

Why Roofing Ventilation Should Be on Your New Year’s Resolution List

  1. Roofing ventilation extends the lifespan of a roof. When ice damming happens, heat from the inside of your attic combines with the sun’s heat and, as a result, melts the snow and ice on your warm roof. The residue water then freezes again and accumulates the on the edges of your roof. A buildup of ice can cause damage to your roof without you even realizing it. Proper ventilation helps warm air to escape so that the water can properly melt.
  2. Roofing ventilation lowers energy costs. When the weather heats up again, you’ll want your house to stay cold. A properly ventilated roof helps exhaust escape, meaning that your air conditioner won’t use up as much energy. Less air condition use means a lower electricity bill. 
  3. Keeps a home’s temperature regulated. Ideally, the upstairs of your home should be the same temperature as the downstairs. Have you ever felt warm in your bedroom, and then found that the basement was as cold as ice? A properly ventilated roof resolves this issue. 

Put Roofing Ventilation On Your Home Improvement To-Do List  

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