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What is the Purpose of Fascia in Roofing?

If you asked most homeowners what the fascia is, they probably wouldn’t be able to locate it. Not knowing the location of the fascia makes sense because it’s not easily visible. The word “fascia” derives from Latin origins, and it means strip or board. In regards to architecture or roofing, the fascia board is a band or piece that horizontally covers any open ends of roof rafters. The reason why fascia boards are hard to see is that the gutters usually hide them. If you want to discover more facts about fascia when it comes to roofing, keep reading.

What is the Purpose of Fascia in Roofing?

The primary purpose of fascia is to make sure that gutters stay in place. Fascia also prevents water damage so that water doesn’t submerge into the roof deck and then get into the attic or home. Thirdly, fascia covers the open or exposed ends of the rafters, adding to curb appeal. Finally, fascia prevents unwanted access from birds, bugs, squirrels, or other animals.

What Materials Exist?

  • Wood Fascia-Known for being affordable, is usually made from spruce, pine, or fir, easily susceptible to rotting and water damage, and needs constant priming and painting to be sustainable
  • Aluminum Fascia-Used for waterproofing wooden fascia, is flexible because it bends around wood, and preserves the life of wood fence; it can be costly, but it’s worth it
  • Vinyl Fascia-It’s also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizers are needed for this material to be pliable, and also wraps around wood fascia to add to its visual appeal and durability
  • Vinyl Fascia (Unplasticized)-Known for its rigid composition and strength, low-maintenance, and resistant to water damage and chemicals.

What Fascia Material is Best?

Traditionally, people still go for wood fascia, but recently, other alternatives such as vinyl and aluminum fascia have become more popular. These materials require minimal maintenance, prevent water damage, and are highly sustainable. Wood is an excellent choice if you want to save money, however constant upkeep will be necessary to extend the wood’s lifespan.

Bottom Line

Fascia is necessary for aiding the longevity of a homeowner’s roof. It’s vital that a homeowner has it inspected regularly. Trust in Phil DiBello Family Roofing to install your fascia or repair it. We are roofing experts.

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