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The Roofing Contractor that Make your Millersville Roof Water Tight and Sun Smart

The town of Millersville was named after postmaster George Miller in 1841. Millersville was home to one of the earliest rail lines. Still a crossroads village, the town has flourished. Businesses and residents enjoy the easily accessible location, proximity to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Listed in 1986, the Child’s Residence is notable in the town. Residents of Millersville have fast access to the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail, Kinder Farm Park, and Southgate Old Mill Park. We delight in the amenities that Millersville offers homeowners. That is why we offer homeowner professional roofing contractor services, so they can think about hiking!

Scrambling for a Reliable Roofing Contractor?

Don’t wait until you are tripping over pots to choose a roofing company with a history of serving Millersville and the greater Maryland area. Sure, you can ask people for referrals, but that could take a while. There are some early indicators that you should find a roofing contractor sooner rather than later.

Blowing in the Wind, the Answer is Blowing Off  your Roof

After a mighty wind are you finding pieces of roof shingles? On your stairs? On top of your boxwoods? Caught in your windshield wiper or your dog’s teeth? Oh, it is definitely time. By the time roof failure has infiltrated your home, and the tell-tale paint stain on the ceiling start creating abstract art, you are in red alert. That is only the water you can see. It was a long way down through a lot of surfaces getting to your paint. Our customers will tell you that we are a roofing company you can count on. We have devoted decades to serving customers throughout Maryland. And, have experienced the honor of repeat business as people add projects, move to new homes, and send us their neighbors and families to us!

Crucial Connections is What a Roofing Contractor Looks for

A specialist from DiBello will certainly look at the abstract art stain forming on your ceiling and walls. There is more to see. Ventilation, drip edges, gutters, runoff, caulk, attachments are all part of the investigation and evaluation. In the event that all the elements were not installed at the same time, the junctions between perhaps siding and windows may have failed.

In addition to being a roofing company, we install siding, windows, skylights, gutters, and fascia. If you have had water penetration, it will get worse. DiBello will identify where the system or system connections failed and advise you.  

New and Easy

New materials are easy to maintain. Homeowners upgrading exterior materials now get the benefit of decades of superior building science. That science has informed the manufacturers of exterior materials. The result is that we are all on the same page. The end customer, the homeowner, asked for and gets high-quality, energy-smart, durable, low maintenance material. Gone are the days of the basketball dented aluminum siding with color that powers off after every rain. The drafty, noisy, finger-smashing windows are no more. You have great choices. The materials increase the value of the home and of course the curb appeal!

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