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Tucked into a corner of Baltimore County, the Cockeysville, Maryland area was first settled in 1676. The Cockeysville area experienced Civil War activity and casualties. Still, historical sites remain and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located on the northern edge of a subtropical climate, Cockeysville experiences hot, humid summers and frequent thunderstorms from spring through fall. Though winters are considered mild in the region, the winters have become more extreme. Your roof endures all of it!

Curling, bending, and twisting is a delightful sight while watching a leaf dancing on the wind in a colorful autumn. But, if a roof shingle from your Cockeysville home is performing a wind dance, it is time for a call to a roofing contractor who knows your Cockeysville neighborhood. A roof is the first point of damage penetration to your home’s interior. Don’t call just any old roofing company. Call a roofing contractor with a long history working in the area. DiBello Family Roofing knows the climate and the impact on materials commonly and historically used for roofing. You should have a roofing contractor that you can trust.

Siding, Sealed, and Delivered!

How about a roofing company that has evolved to install all the interconnected elements of your home’s exterior? The visual benefits of new siding are obvious and instantly enjoyable. But the look of new siding is just the beginning. New siding installation includes insulation components that increase the R-Value of your home. New techniques and applications are designed to “wrap” your home. The benefits of “wrapping” home exteriors through decades of building science. Data collection, research, and testing have resulted in current home improvement methods that far exceed old school methods. DiBello roofing contractors can brief you on the improvement new siding will give you over and above your current exterior material.

Clanging Windows are Cold Windows

Are your windows breezy? When they are closed? We understand. That is your heating dollar blowing away on the wings of a cold draft. Old windows are one of the most typical sources of heat loss. Simply, old windows were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. New materials and current designs keep your windows sealed against elements- until you open them to get a breeze you actually want!

The Sky Above

While it may seem like skylights emerged in the 1970s in what was then called a contemporary home, and now seem “retro”, the truth is that skylights are very old-school, making them a timeless classic! Through many eras mansions, historical buildings, and simple houses had skylights. These beautiful and utilitarian elements were a necessary source of ventilation and light for large dwellings, grand vestibules, but also dark stairwells and stuffy second floors. Your home does not have to be contemporary for you to enjoy the benefits of a skylight. Maybe you just want some sky in your day!

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