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What is a Living Roof?

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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an adept entrepreneur, a green or a living roof is a great way to leverage your real estate investment to further your financial future. Green roofs are a popular alternative to traditional heating, cooling, and air-conditioning systems because they reduce the need for land-conservation efforts and public infrastructure projects while increasing the environmental impact of projects. Because green roofs are usually created with natural vegetation as a catchall solution, they don’t require any long-term, expensive ecological impact studies. Homeowners should consider a roofing contractor in Baltimore for green roofing construction.

More About a Green Roof

A living or a green roof is a building roof that features vegetation wholly or partially. The term green roof refers to a top with a mix of trees, bushes, and other vegetation that grow on both the inside and the outside of the house. Ideally, the vegetation is left to provide maximum energy savings without allowing excess space for air or water movement.

Types of Green Roofs

A roofing contractor in Baltimore will typically offer the following types of green roofs:

Extensive- These are lightweight roofs that require minimal maintenance and no watering.

Intensive- These are designed to support heavier plants such as small trees and bushes that require soil as a growing medium for support.

Semi-extensive-These roofs are designed to support medium plants like ornamental grasses.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Helps in the Management of Storm Water

One of the main advantages of a green roof is that it reduces the amount of water taken from the atmosphere to perform certain functions. This is because the vegetation on a green top can absorb the water that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere. This is a significant climate change and weather modification control tool that can reduce water flow into rivers, creeks, and other waterways while increasing floodplain access.

Provides Sound Insulation

Another significant benefit of a green roof is that it provides sound insulation. This is because the green roof can absorb some of the sounds from the surrounding buildings so that it is essentially “silent.” There is essentially no sound pollution from the roofline to the surrounding neighborhood.

Helps Reduce the UHI Effect

Another significant benefit of a green roof is reducing the electricity used to produce energy and associated greenhouse gas emissions. This is because a green roof structure absorbs some of the power from the sun and then converts it to mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is then used to drive various machinery and appliances on the roofline. This means that there is essentially no electricity required to operate any devices on the roofline. This also means less waste, which means that there is less space needed for natural resources like trees and other vegetation and less need for land conservation efforts.

Aesthetic Improvement 

Another significant benefit of a green roof is that it provides a visual representation of the environment to the viewer. This can be achieved using a hydrographic design on the roofline that features the sea, the desert, and the city skyline.

Green Roof Serves as a Natural Filtration System for Air Pollutants

Another significant benefit of a green roof is eliminating the need for any long-term, expensive environmental impact studies. Instead, homeowners can rely on the energy efficiency of the vegetation to cut down on energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. This can result in a lower price of construction and a more affordable housing option for future renters.

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