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Discover the Purpose Behind Fascia Boards in Baltimore

The use of fascia boards has come a long way with new roofing technology. The primary purpose of fascia boards is to hold the roof’s gutter. It’s hard to understand the design behind fascia boards without understanding their advantages, but we’ll explain what they are. If you’re a Baltimore resident who hasn’t invested in roofing maintenance in a while, then let us take care of your roof. We can replace, repair, and inspect your roof and gutters routinely. Keep reading to learn more about why fascia boards can enhance your Baltimore home.

So, What is it and What’s the Big Deal? 

Fascia is a vertical band underneath the edge of your roof. Wood, uPVC, and sheet metal that isn’t corrosive are standard materials used in this part of roofing installation. In combination with a soffit, it helps strengthen your gutters and rafters and protects your home from the elements. A soffit is a protective layer that connects your roof’s overhang and the side of your property. 

Fascia boards are low-maintenance. They don’t need repainting often, if at all. The paint rarely comes off, even when exposed to the elements. Durability and longevity are two of the many benefits of making sure that this part of your roof is intact. 

There is also aesthetic value. The finish of these boards can complement your home’s architecture because there are many design options that you can select. It’s impossible not to find a design that will suit you. Some boards don’t even need a miter joint (when two boards bevel at 45-degree angles to create a 90-degree corner ), meaning that there will be a seamless look. 

Increase the Value of Your Home

When you’re a homeowner that invests in roofing maintenance, you can increase your asking price. If one day, you plan on selling your home, you can talk about your roofing system. You can discuss how updated it is, how well-maintained it is, and how excellent it looks. You’ll undeniably have a top-notch roofing system if you depend on us to enhance your Baltimore home.

Get What You Paid For

A home is only as durable as its roof. Owning a home is costly. Why not protect your investment by making sure that your fascia boards and other parts of your roof are up-to-date. They aren’t expensive whatsoever, and not fixing problems are only more costly over time. 

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