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How To Care For Your Home Windows

Fall is the perfect time to perform some well-needed home maintenance from cleaning your gutters to inspecting your roof.  You should remember to have a maintenance routine for your home windows so you can ensure they stay in good condition.  Your windows can start to wear and tear from the incoming chilly temperatures and high winds of autumn.  There are several ways you can care for your home windows, so they stay in pristine condition for years to come.  

Keep It Clean

The process of cleaning your home windows depends on the material of your window frames.  Wipe down wooden windows with a damp cloth regularly to get rid of dust and dirt.  You have to be careful when cleaning windows with wooden frames because too much moisture can cause them to rot.  With vinyl and aluminum window frames, all you have to is clean them occasionally with a mild detergent.   Fortunately, these material are resistant to rotting and are the preferred choice for homeowners.  When cleaning any type of windows, don’t forget to clean the casing and adjacent wall to reduce dirt build up which prevents window jams.  

Don’t Forget To Inspect

Regardless of the type of window frames you install in your home, excess moisture around your windows can cause severe damage.  So it is crucial to inspect your windows every season especially during fall which is know for an increase in storms.  Check that your windows are properly sealed and that there are no cracks.  You might have to replace the weather stripping on your windows, or you have to add more caulking around your window frames.  Check the humidity in your home because heat can cause your window frames to crack and warp.


Wooden and metal frames should be repainted about every 3-4 years to protect them from the elements and to maintain their appearance.  If you happen to clean your wooden windows very well, then apply a layer of paint.

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