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3 Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

The official start of fall is only a week away which means cooler temperatures and an excess of leaves on your lawn and roof.  The autumn season is usually the time where people start increasing the number of outdoor chores from lawn mowing to gardening.  It is also the perfect time to inspect your roof and perform some well-needed seasonal maintenance.  There are several ways to maintain the integrity of your roof so holds it up through the chilly months of winter.  

Inspect Your Shingles

When you perform any type of roof maintenance, it is important to start with inspecting your shingles for any damage.  If your shingles are cracked, curling, or distorted in any way, then it is time to get them replaced.  Also check your gutter for any excess of shingle granules, which add weight to your shingles and protect them from ultraviolet rays.  Scrape off any algae, leaves, and debris that are stuck to your shingles because the accumulation of decaying plant material can deteriorate your roof.  If you need to replace your shingles, then it is a good idea to contact the professionals at Phil DiBello Family Roofing.  

Examine Flashing and Vents

Check any open areas around your roof such as flashing, vents, and your chimney for any damage.  These open areas on your roofs can damage easily because of the inclement weather and everyday wear and tear.  When you are inspecting your chimneys and pipes, make sure to remove any loose materials like leaves and debris.  These areas should be clean and operate correctly before winter comes along.


Your gutters are an essential part of your roof and your home in general.  When it rains or snows, your shingles direct water down to your gutters which then direct the water away from your home.  If your gutters are dirty or clogged, then many problems can occur from home water damage to broken gutters.  It is very important to clean your gutters before winter comes because any liquid can freeze any material that is left in there.  Once your gutters are frozen, water can’t be directed away off your roof, and structural damage can occur.  

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