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Benefits Behind a Family Owned Business

Phil DiBello Family Roofing is a family-owned business. The way our culture operates is in the title. We treat customers like family, and we are a family business. We’re in the business of protecting you and your loved ones by making sure that the roof over your heads is secure and stable and we’ve been doing so since 1979! With forty years of experience, you can trust that our contractors are experts. Family-owned businesses are credible, trustworthy, and worth hiring. Keep reading to learn about the benefits


Finding employees with unwavering loyalty is a tough task for any business. What makes family-owned businesses so successful is that they have unified goals and ways to handle leadership. You won’t see this kind of dedication from other companies. Also, at some businesses, the high turnover rate is an issue. When a family structure is solid, skills can be passed down from generation to generation aiding in the businesses’ longevity.

Family-Owned Businesses Know Your Name

When working with a large firm, the chances of them knowing your name are slim to none. However, in the case of a family or locally-owned business, you can feel reassured by seeing the same friendly faces. Family and locally-owned businesses also produce speedier service because they know the needs and wants of their customers very well. You also don’t have to question efficiency or accuracy.

Ethical Values

A company ran by a family typically takes a lot of pride with the work that they do. Their brand is their legacy. You can trust the morals and values of this type of company because usually, they have humble beginnings. Also, the families most likely imbed the craft into everyday life, perfecting it even when the workday stops. When a company is family-oriented, it means that not only do they care about their loved ones, but customers will be highly valued as well.


When people are comfortable around each other, it shows. Because families most of their time together, they have a natural chemistry.  This charisma and chemistry then impact the unrelated employees, making them become a part of the family as well. Family-owned businesses exude comfortability and confidence.

Phil DiBello Family Roofing Is A Leading Roofer of Baltimore County!

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