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What to Do and Not to Do when Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Unfortunately, roofing scams occur. Roofing scams happen the most to new business owners and the elderly. Beware of any contractor that wants you to pay money upfront or a down payment without providing a service. You may find yourself in disarray and disgust as the contractor that talked a good game ran off with your […]

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Gutter maintenance is an integral part of roofing and exterior home maintenance. When it comes to keeping your home looking good year-round, your gutters are an essential place to start. When the seasons change, you should always give your gutters a thorough inspection to avoid exterior home damage or even roof damage that can be […]

Benefits of Ventilating Your Roof

The number one reason for owning a roof is to safeguard it from the outside elements. It would be dangerous to have a poor roofing system especially in the middle of a storm. However, another reason for having a roof and attic is to make sure that your home is adequately ventilated. Attic ventilation emerged […]

Cleaning your Windows

Windows are made of glass and can stain easily. Debris lands on windows. Streaks often form on windows as well. Stained, streaky windows are unappealing. Dirty windows can also degrade window quality. While it may seem like a small detail, windows can make or break a home. Your windows should undoubtedly be stylish along with […]

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Ensuring that your home looks and performs its best relies on several key features. Your siding is perhaps one of the most significant. Siding can make up the majority of your home’s exterior; how well it works and how good it looks can have a substantial impact on your home as a whole. There are […]

Roofing Tips: What Not to Do

Owning a home can be exciting. Choosing a roof can also add to this excitement. Pretty much any customization to a home can induce homeowner happiness. However, there are things that should be done and shouldn’t. Homeowner veterans may know the ins and outs but newer homeowners may find themselves learning lessons about the maintenance […]

How to Protect Your Gutters from Freezing Rain

Winter can be a beautiful time of year, but one of the prettiest parts of the winter landscape can be the most detrimental for your gutters: icicles. Ice that forms in (and on) your gutters can do a lot of damage. The weight and pressure from ice can warp, misalign, and even break your gutters. […]

How to Prevent Water Damage to the Exterior of Your Home This Winter

With the extra snow, rain, and ice winter brings it’s vital that your home is fully prepared for the excess moisture. By preparing the four main points of your home, you can help ensure that your home isn’t subject to damage from the wet weather. Doors And Windows Before winter begins, it’s time to do […]

Protecting Your Home From Snow & Ice Damage

More than likely, the main focus of your home in the winter is to stay as warm as possible by keeping the cold outside. However, you must also be focusing on trying to protect your home this winter from potential snow and ice damage. There is no certain way to tell just how much snow […]

3 Benefits of Vinyl Windows for Your Home

Replacing the windows of your home may seem like a daunting task, but it’s an update that can bring you and your home significant benefits. As we’ve discussed previously, updating your windows can increase the value of your home, improve its efficiency, make it more comfortable, and improve its appearance. But, once you’ve decided to […]

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