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The foundation may be holding your house up, but the roof protects the entire structure from damage. Be it strong winds, heavy downpour of rain or heavy snow, your roof is there to protect you from it all. Sadly, with time the weather beats it down and causes many problems.

If small repairs are not taken care of in due time, you may have to look for replacements sooner than later. You may not like replacing the roof, but it is something that every homeowner has to do eventually. And if the last time you had your roof placed was more than twenty years ago, you should probably start looking for replacements. Here are some signs you need to look out for to know it is time for a change.

Roof Life

Nothing remains forever, and everything around us has an expiry date. Same goes for your roof as well. If the last time you had your roof installed was twenty-five years ago than it is definitely time to look at your options.

The average life of asphalt roofs is somewhere between 20 to thirty years, and even if your roof seems good from the front, it may be concealing numerous inside problems. It is essential that you call professional roof inspectors to take a look and assess the situation.

The Shingles

If you live in the Anne Arundel County, you are lucky since you get to experience sunny days, rain and snow but these weather changes have an impact on your roof. Notice the corners of your shingles if they are turning upwards, which is called cupping or when you notice them clawing, which is when the middle part starts rising.

If you see your shingles in either of the two conditions, it means that the roof has sustained damage from weathering and you may have to replace it. To be sure, contact us to get a full analysis, and our roofers will let you know what and where the problem is and discuss the best course of action with you.

Patchwork Roof

Minor repairs can often take care of the small problems, and our experienced roofers will help you get those whenever you want. But the problem is that you can never get the colors of the shingles to match, and after a while, your roof turns into a checkerboard, which is bad for your curb appeal. Most people tend to replace their roofs after the contrast becomes too extreme and ignoring it is not possible.


You may need to replace your entire roof if it is sagging too much on one side, but that is not the final verdict. Our experts can help you determine if the problem is repairable through some repair work. But it can also be a sign of structural damage and may even lead to your roof collapsing, if not identified on time. Request annual inspections to avoid such a surprise.

Early Signs

Some early signs that mean you may need to replace your roof soon include damp patches on the upper floor of your room. It is a telltale sign of water damage. You can deal with most of these with small repairs but sometimes it is an indication of a larger problem, and you may have to replace the roof. Other signs include light coming through your roof. It shows that there may be holes and cracks in the roof.

Our experts have been installing, replacing and repairing Roofs, Siding, Gutters for homeowners and even businesses all through Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, Anne Arundel, & Howard Counties, since 1979. So, you know that our services have withstood the test of time, regardless of space.

Contact us here to get your roof inspected. Our experienced professionals will examine your roof and suggest a course of action based on the condition of your roof.

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