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Parkton, Maryland is northern Baltimore County, Maryland community that forms part of the Mason-Dixon Line. It is still a solid farming community growing corn, soybean, and other industrial crops. A historical trail, Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, was one the Northern Central Railway that President Lincoln used to travel to Baltimore. This agrarian community of about 7,000 people enjoys excellent schools, proximity to major cities in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor. And, is even close to several other states. The Parkton Hotel, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was constructed around 1850. Hill House (aka Cool Spring) also listed on the Register, was constructed around 1879. As much as Parkton residents enjoy historic sites in their lovely town, a roof should be state-of-the-art. Call DiBello Family Roofing where we offer our history of serving Parkton homeowners to serve you.

Roofing Contractors, More Than a Pretty Face

There are gorgeous roofing materials now. The range of colors, the illusion of textures, actual textures in roof shingle are more than functional and durable. They are beautiful. Historically, affordable roofing shingle was flat, dull, and the best you could hope for was functional. That day is over, colors, shades, and huge now mimic expensive and inaccessible roofing materials. High-tech color imaging gives a look of dimension and texture to your roof in a material tried, true, and made to last. Ask your DiBello roofing contractors to see samples during your appointment with us.

Gutters Got to Get Checked

Oh, the surprises that come with bad gutters. Don’t wait until the bad gutter news arrives special delivery in the form of damage to your foundation, erosion, and worse. Gutters are an entire system designed to work from the roof down and away from your home. Water must be redirected for the best possible outcome on your lot. A reputable roofing company always looks at the relationship between the roof and gutters. For both systems to work all the overlaps, edges and more must meet the correct characteristics of efficient drainage. Let’s look at your gutters!

Warm Up to Siding

We understand that it is not typical for a roofing company to the siding. It was our work with customers that expanded our offerings. Early in our 38 years of home exterior service, we added services to meet customer needs and requests. We grew our expertise and never looked back. If you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency ask us about insulated siding. It really does not get better than this. Adding R-factor to your homes largest exterior surface is energy-smart and improve the atmosphere inside of the house.

Clean and Easy Windows

There is not a homeowner we have met who does not want efficient low maintenance windows. The benefits of improved windows are immediately apparent. The difference in the acoustics alone will improve the sound quality in your home. The ease of opening and closing will happily cause you to forget the draft and clanging weights of windows gone by.

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