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West Friendship, Maryland is an affluent town in western Howard County, and like many small communities in the area, it developed slowly as early settlers moved westward. As people explored the area in the 1700s, they established land tracts, many of which were before the Revolutionary War. Today, West Friendship is a thriving suburbia that is considered one of the best places to live in the county! But your home is only as great as your roof… and DiBello is here to make sure your roof is durable, efficient, and well-maintained.

A Roof Can Make or Break Your Home

Intense storms, gusts of wind, and heavy snowstorms wreak havoc on your home’s roof. A roof is your home’s main source of defense against the weather and elements of nature. It is the main component that protects you, your family, and the interior of your house. Expenses for repairing or replacing a roof may seem like something you can put off, but the damages could be worse if you wait too long! At DiBello, we prioritize customer service and ensure that you receive a reasonable price for a great roof!

Got Siding?

While we may have earned our reputation for professionalism and knowledge about roofing maintenance and repairs, our services extend to the very siding of your home’s structure as well!

The next line of defense for your home is its siding. It is also one of the central parts of your home’s exterior design. Is their damage to your siding that needs repairing? Or is it time for a full update? DiBello is here to evaluate your home and provide the support you need to bring your next project to life.

Bring the Beauty of the Sky into Your West Friendship Home

There are not many additions to a roof that transform the interior of your home quite like a skylight! They provide a flood of natural light and are such a unique feature to every room. At night, that beautiful ray of sunlight is replaced by the faint twinkling of the stars. DiBello is a roofing contractor that can bring the beauty of the sun and stars inside your home!

Bring your West Friendship Home’s Dream Project to Life with the Roofing Contractors at DiBello! Give us a call at 410-752-7663 and schedule an appointment today.

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