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As early as 1812, community residents took actions to establish early iterations of Glen Burnie. By 1888 Glen Burnie became a Maryland State subdivision. The two-word name was not official until 1930. Several buildings of interest are located in Glen Burnie including an elementary school built in 1899. One of the earliest area churches was built from bricks dating back to an earlier parish, circa 1730. Glen Burnie, Maryland is comfortably located in the Baltimore – Washington corridor, near BWI Airport and accessible by Baltimore Light Rail. We understand why so many homeowners choose Glen Burnie. And, homes need roofing contractors. Phil DiBello Family Roofing is a roofing company who has watched the housing evolution in Glen Burnie for decades.

The Roofing Contractor Who Covers Your Exterior

We started out as roofers which quickly made us experts. -Not only at how to be a roofing contractor who does roofing right. We learned a lot about how a roof goes wrong. As a roofing company, we see how different eras of materials, installation, and designs impact the longevity of your roof. Roofing is a system that does more than simply keep the elements out. Roofing works best when the relationship to other components are correct.

A Home Has to Breathe

Ventilation and air flow that works are key to the performance of your roof. Advancements in building science and diagnostic tools have enabled the entire home exteriors industry to move forward in the best possible way. Roofing materials are designed to reduce dirt from accumulating and colors from fading in the baking sun. When DiBello examines your project, we look for telltale signs of improperly executed ventilation. Though, in the case of many older homes, we see no ventilation at all. We pass you the benefit of our expertise and current building science data on 21st Century solutions and materials. We can talk about ventilation.

Roofing Company Relationships Count

Our long-term relationships with our customers mean everything to us. But more than that, we look at the relationship between your exterior elements. Where and how the roof meets the gutter is very important to us and to your home. Water always wins and gravity serves itself alone. We can install a gutter system that catches the roof runoff perfectly transporting the water away from your foundation and areas where ice would cause a hazard.

We Change and Home Changes

Perhaps you never thought about curb appeal, but now all you see is your home’s old, faded, peeling, dented, chalky siding. Oh, and the siding colors of years gone by! We know. We have seen it all. The great news for 21st homeowners is that the colors and palettes of exterior materials are created to coexist. That means you will not get some weird clashing of shades and tones after having picked from a tiny sample. Even better, you can see many options live and in action. Because DiBello has served customers extensively all over Maryland for decades, we can direct you to a selection already installed.

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