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Roof Repair and Installation in Columbia, MD

Consistently ranked as one of the best places to live, Columbia, Maryland is a community by design, started in 1967. The original concept included ideas about sustaining quality of life and incorporating human values into design and engineering. It began as 10 village areas. Now, residents flock to Columbia for the outstanding school system and many outdoor attractions. The parks are breathtaking and plentiful. History is not forgotten. Columbia is home to two sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Roofing Contractor Excellence Means Knowing the Roofing Signs

Ripples and waves belong at the beach, not on your Columbia, MD roof. Both indicate that something is very wrong and are predictors of more changes to come. An expert roofing contractor can evaluate the condition of a roof quickly and easily. Early intervention is key. Water penetration can cause damage through roof decking and your wet insulation. Moisture in structural elements of your home can cause dangerous mold growth. Roofs consist of many components that are not visible to the naked eye. However, the professionals at DiBello Family Roofing can quickly assess if you have a component failure. Underlayment, ice and water shield, flashing, shingles, tile, and trim all show signs of wear or failure differently. All of this is easily preventable by engaging a reputable roofing company to advise you on the condition of your Columbia roof.

Water Will Win but Gutters Will Direct the Force

Water, water everywhere, but not on your foundation! Nothing quite wreaks havoc on your home’s foundation like the erosion caused by years of water saturation. Gravity provides a simple solution when a properly installed gutter system sends water to the farthest points of run off available on your property. As experts with decades of experience, DiBello Family Roofing is a roofing contractor who can tell you exactly which components at which locations will protect your home’s foundation.

Fascia boards, Unsung Heroes of Your Home’s Respiratory Apparatus.

An expert roofing company will tell you that your home does indeed have a respiratory system, not unlike your own. The health of that system will impact the interior air quality of your home. Fascia boards showing peeling, cracking, or mold may indicate a need for additional ventilation in key surface areas.

Skylight’s no Limit!

Do you have an area in your house where you wish you had a window or could see the sky? Maybe a skylight can make the roof work for you. Natural light through a skylight can transform dark corners of lightless space.  A well-placed skylight can highlight architectural elements which were once bathed in shadows.  

We Can Talk More Than Roofing, 410-752-7663!

DiBello Family Roofing started out as roofers in 1979. Our services have grown and we are much more than a roofing company. Ask us about vinyl siding. The simple maintenance, R-value, and equity gained by using a new, beautiful durable material will serve you for years to come.

Energy efficient windows are a value-add investment for your home and comfort. Replacement windows are available in styles to enhance virtually any style of home. Many customers find that the savings on energy cost make the investment a must do now!