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For most people, their house in Carroll County, MD is the largest investment they will ever make and for a good reason. It is where our children grow up and where we plan to grow old. With time the house itself becomes a member of the family that requires as much love and care as any other member would.

An integral part of your house is the roof and just like people the roof ages as well, and with time it is bound to suffer some damage. You may even need to get it repaired or replaced, to protect the rest of the house and your family. But the truth is that the process is neither simple nor cheap.

Hence you need to make the best choice based on your area and region so that you do not have to face larger problems in the future. Here are some common problems that you may be facing and can become huge issues if not dealt with on time:

Damaged Shingles

The most common problems with roofs anywhere is damaged shingles. It usually happens due to the wear and tears the roof receives from the sun, wind, ice, and rain. As the roof takes on most of the pressure delivered by weather changes, there are higher chances of it needing repair. Many people think that the task is simple and try to deal it on their own, but that is not a very good idea.

As a few damaged shingles may be caused by a larger problem, which is why you need a proper inspection. Moreover, repairing roofs is a dangerous task. Our professionals are trained and equipped with dealing with these dangers that you are not. They will inspect your roof to see what repairs are needed or if it is time for a replacement.

Roof Leaks

You may be able to see the water leaking, but you may never be able to detect where the source is. As the water leak may be due to a hole caused by a nail but the water may not leak be near the same spot. Our experienced roofers know the problem well will identify the source through thorough investigation. They will examine the chimney and vents while looking for cracks in flashing.

The experts will also inspect the attic to rule out leaks in the deck; they will also look for damage caused by ice dams and damaged shingles.

Rotten Wood

That’s what happens when leaks are not taken care of on time. Even a small leak can cause a huge problem. As when the water inside the roof does not dry out completely the roof starts to rot and the problem only gets worse with time. If the problem comes up during re-roofing, our experts will make it better by patching the area.

Too Many Layers

Most people do not buy a brand-new house; they look for one that is ready-made for them to move in. The problem is that at the time a new roof may have been installed, but the old owners may have opted not to get rid of the old roofing.

Sometimes there may even be three layers of roofing, which is against the codes, as the weight may become too much for the structure to carry. Moreover, the shingle on the upper roof may become uneven. The only solution is to get rid of it all and start afresh.

Our experts have been installing, replacing and repairing Roofs, Siding, and Gutters for homeowners and even businesses all through Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, Anne Arundel, & Howard Counties, since 1979. So, you know that our services have withstood the test of time, regardless of space.

Contact us here, if you live in Carroll County, as we have years of experience and our experts are specially trained to deal with problems you may face. Their expertise and hands-on experience allow them to analyze the problems with your roof and help you make the right call.

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