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Nottingham, Maryland spans an area of Baltimore County. It shares a name with a city in England, a name made familiar through the historical legend of Robin Hood. A population of about 38,000 residents enjoys Nottingham’s proximity to Baltimore and the Baltimore-Washington corridor. In a twenty-minute drive, residents can enjoy all that a city like Baltimore has to offer with a quick return to quaint and lovely Nottingham. Residents enjoy top rated Nottingham schools. We have served homeowners in Nottingham, Maryland for decades. And, even generations. When Nottingham homeowners need a roofing contractor, they call DiBello Family Roofing.

Roofing Company Rescue Right Here for You

We know how cold and wet the last few years have been. All the signs are there. You rake in the spring and find bits of roof shingle. Your rake in the fall and find bits of roof shingle. The gutters iced in odd places all winter. The ground around your house was extra mush in spring. Why is it damp cold in your house? Oh, oh!

Early Roof Failure Warning Signs

You may be experiencing early warning signs of roof failure. You can meet with a DiBello expert at no obligation. Just thinking that “lack of leaks” means your roof is fine is false security. There are many signs of roof failure. Poor venting can cause mold and poor air quality. We are a roofing company who will check it all out.

How Does Your Roof Stack Up?

Certain styles of homes built during certain eras do not have eaves or venting which allow for your home to breathe. Some homes have no roof venting resulting in roof super-heating which reduces your roofs life. A previous repair may have back-fired causing gradual damage beyond the original. A sloppy retro-repair that has caulk build-up can cause “caulk-damming” result in puddling and a slow drip.

The list is long. Better let the professionals from DiBello Family Roofing examine your roofing system. On your visit, your DiBello representative will examine venting and gutters which are key parts to your roof system. As a roofing company, we look at the relationships between materials which can cause problems down the road. We will see signs if trouble is afoot.

We Do Windows in Nottingham, Too!

What could be better for your home than a roofing contractor who serves all of your home’s exterior surfaces? Siding has improved so much in the last decade that it is often unrecognizable as vinyl. Advancements in technology have resulted in color through vinyl. No more metal showing through siding scrapes.  The days of the dented aluminum siding are over. Remember the chalking and flaking of aluminum siding? No more! The new materials must be seen to be believed. Textures are made to mimic costly, high-maintenance naturals materials. The breathtaking new vinyl siding choices are as easy to maintain as holding a hose.

Seeing is Believing and Touching is Believing!

Your DiBello Family Roofing representative will bring a sample for you to see and touch. We also install low maintenance vinyl window for any house style. Ask about skylights and let the sun shine through your amazing new roof.

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