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Hard Working Baltimore Roofs Require the Right Roofing Contractor

Baltimore, located in Baltimore County, Maryland embraces the old and the new. The city is a celebration of historical sites, renovations, repurposing, refurbishing of buildings, and new development. The waterfront is a triumph in smart urban use and reuse. Residents and tourists frequent Baltimore’s waterfront by the thousands. The neighborhoods include a variety of housing stock. Homeowners can choose from many eras and styles of homes. Though the winters are somewhat mild, a roof gets 24/7 exposure. At some point in your long-term relationship with your property, you will want to know a reliable roofing contractor in Baltimore. DiBello Family Roofing is much more than a roofing company. We offer siding, windows, skylights, fascia, and gutters.

Siding is Your Homes First External Layer

Siding is the outer skin of your home. As the first layer of protection, your home’s outer covering must be properly installed, impervious to elements, and allow for changes in temperature and moisture. Vinyl has become the siding of choice for many homeowners.  Vinyl siding now comes in a range of colors and textures. DiBello Family Roofing is so much more than a roofing company. We can show you many styles of siding that simulate traditional materials and textures. Textured vinyl siding is nearly indistinguishable from historical materials.

Windows Merge Outside with Inside

Windows provide light, air, and architectural elements to your home. The simplicity of low-maintenance vinyl windows is second only to the benefit of insulated glass. The energy saving from replacing old leaky windows with new windows add to the efficiency of your home.

Skylights Let the Sun Shine in your Baltimore home!

Skylights are like giving your roof a superpower. There are choices to be made for your application so that the skylights dovetail with the style of your home. Ventilation is one of the benefits of a skylight. They also bring a flood of natural light in an area formerly shrouded in the doldrums. And while it is true that a night sky does not flood your room with sunlight through a skylight, you do get a natural view of twinkling stars! You can fire your fairy lights.

Gutters Move the Water Away

There is a relationship between roofing and gutters. We are a roofing company with expertise in both. Moving water from the roof away from the foundation of your house protects your entire dwelling, but especially the foundation. Properly installed gutters direct water to the best possible runoff location. Our experts can evaluate the best location for downspouts and other elements for the best result. Seamless gutters are efficient by design. The elimination of joints means that there is nothing to catch, hold, or cause a buildup of debris. Working in the area since 1979 has educated us to our customers’ needs and preferences based on housing styles. The efficiency of vinyl has fast become a material of choice for many homeowners. But we understand that many customers still prefer metal gutters. We offer both materials.

Do you know a roofing contractor you can trust?

DiBello Family Roofing offers warranties. You don’t have to take our word for our quality of work, you can read the words of happy customers. Our gallery gives you the opportunity to see our work for yourself.

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