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Frederick, Get the Roofing Contractor Right First!

Settlers started to inhabit the Frederick, Maryland area around 1745, calling it “Frederick Town”. It was named the seat of Frederick County in 1742. The rich history comes from contributions made by many waves of settlers through many eras including Colonial times and both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The town includes a historical district and beautiful architecture, but the actual geography is equally compelling.

In keeping with the aesthetic of the town, even homeowners in recent dwellings consciously choose elements that echo the charm of Frederick. That is where DiBello Family Roofing comes in. As an expert roofing company, we can suggest which style of materials are right for your home.

So Many Choices Echoing Time

There are many beautiful roofing choices. It is very easy to click through images of Frederick, Maryland homes and properties and daydream about what an upgrade would look like on your home’s roof. It is a big decision, so choose a roofing contractor you can trust with your home’s exterior surfaces.


At DiBello, we understand hard working roofs because we have worked hard at becoming roofing experts. From new communities, architect’s drawings of your dream home, historical sites, to established neighborhoods we have served every type of residential customer in Frederick, Maryland and surrounding communities. Throughout our decades of providing excellent products and service, we have made many friends DiBello is grateful and flattered by referrals, testimonials, and especially the generations of families who we continue to serve.


Roofing is a system that includes ventilation, fascia, and gutters. It is the job of a professional roofing contractor to examine the condition of your roof. We evaluate the current ventilation. If recommendations for changes based on current building science data and technology will improve the year-round conditioning, comfort level, and energy costs of your home, we let you know from the beginning of our time with you.

Water Away!

Gutters send the roof’s water load away from your home. Your home may have gutters installed to the original property use. There may have been changes like paved paths, outbuilding or dozens of other elements that impact drainage. We look at the gutter systems and water direction plan to make sure it works with your property today. Fascia boards are so much more than a pretty finish. The way the boards meet other elements and ventilation are essential to your homes respiratory system.

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Your home’s exterior materials should beautify and protect your investment. Today’s materials are designed to be low maintenance without sacrificing beauty. Color choices for exterior materials were once limited by the material, technology, and the state of building sciences. Now the industry benefits from manufacturers who have learned by listening to what customers want from new materials. History and character should not be sacrificed for low maintenance. As a roofing company, we can attest to the impact of the sun on exposed surfaces and can share our expertise on the benefit new materials bring to your home. You get value and longevity without sacrificing curb appeal.

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