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  • “The estimate was done in a very professional manner, as was the work. I would use them again without question.”

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In Finksburg Homeowners Trust a Reputable Roofing Contractor

In the northern part of Carroll County, Finksburg is home to a peaceful residential community. The community gets its name from a tavern owner named Adam Fink. He also owned the toll road. Actor Fred Gwynne rests in a Finksburg cemetery. The community is proud to house the first “green building” in Carroll County, the Finksburg Library.

The right relationship with the right service provider keeps Finksburg residents comfortable in their homes. Nothing is quite as scary as a hole in the roof. But how do you find a roofing contractor with a good reputation, a history of quality, and a history with your neighborhood in Finksburg? You call DiBello Family Roofing.

We Have Been Around a Roof Like Yours

The fact that you can call a roofing company with a long family history in the community is a relief in Finksburg and everywhere DiBello serves. Through decades of serving Finksburg and communities in Maryland, DiBello has seen every type of housing the area offers. In fact, we got so good at exteriors that we moved from only roofing to siding, windows, skylights, and gutters.

Get On the Right Side of Your Exterior

Old siding fails. Many natural materials change due to time and elements. Perhaps a previous owner did not adhere to a maintenance schedule. Or, did not observe performance failure indicator in your home’s siding. DiBello has great news. New materials are an enormous improvement over old material. In the past 30 years, the building science industry has collected and analyzed data. Manufacturers used this relatively new science to develop better solutions for our home. Historically siding merely kept the elements out to protect inhabitant and fundamental structure.

Homeowners want beautiful siding that increases the value and curb appeal of their home. Residents want the energy-efficient materials that lower energy bills while keeping them comfortable inside their homes. People want low-maintenance materials with warranties. DiBello can provide material choices that answer the entire wish list. More than that, new materials mimic the texture and beauty of historical and traditional materials without the maintenance demands of times gone by.


We are not just a roofing company anymore! It is easy to daydream about what your house will look like when the exterior is transformed by the right materials, in the right palette for the style, vintage, and neighborhood that you call home. We can even talk to you about what people in similar style homes choose. We know what is trending for homes by style and area.

Shifting and Twisting of the Trees That Surround Your Home

When your home was built the trees may have been small. Or, there may have been no trees at all. An expert roofing contractor like DiBello Family Roofing looks at the elements in proximity to your home. A substantial branch may be dripping water or sending leaves into a gutter slowing roof water transmission.

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