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What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof

Has a storm ever damaged your roof? If not, you should be on the watch as you can never predict when a storm will strike your home roof. If you suspect your roof has damages, it’s essential to know all necessary steps to take after a storm damages your roof. If you are not sure what steps to take, consult an emergency roofer near me.

When dealing with storm aftermath, there are several rules to remember. With all the stress and effort that comes with handling storm damages, you can quickly lose your mind. Here is what to remember.

  • Don’t panic: though it seems complicated, it is essential to maintain your head level.
  • Be careful: do not put yourself or anyone in danger while trying to repair your roof, no matter how urgent you need to do it.
  • Wait until the storm blows over: do not risk your safety and that of your household trying to repair your roof when the storm is still rampant.

Following is what to do after a storm damage your roof

1. Examine the Damage

The first step after experiencing a severe storm is to investigate the damages done. Engaging in a thorough investigation will help us ascertain the weight of our roof damage and whether we need to talk to our insurance company about our needs.

You can use a pair of binoculars to investigate the damages to your roof. Identify the specific damaged area, its severity and identify areas with missing shingles. In most cases, after a severe storm, a few roof shingles go missing.

2. Make Temporary Fixes

If our roof has severe damage after the storm in a place directly above your living area or interior property, leaking water can damage it. Ensure you place a bucket under the damaged area to curb the leaking water and remove all valuables from the space to prevent further damages. If the damages are severe, we may need to waterproof it with the trapped taping method. If the damage is minimal, we can do minor repairs using the shingled method.

3. Seek Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies cover storm damages. Contact an insurance company to let them know how the storm damaged the roof. Estimate whether the severity of the damage on the roof is worth being covered with home insurance coverage, or we can conduct a professional contractor to repair the roof. Following are simple steps to take when making an insurance claim for our damaged roof.

  • Inform the insurance company of the roof damages
  • Help the insurance company document the roof damages and any other damages. We may need to consult a professional emergency roofer near me at this stage.
  • Ensure you understand the process of insurance claim decisions. Ask questions if you need clarity.
  • If the insurance company approves our claim, we will receive payment.
  • After our roof is replaced or repaired, you can ask whether you qualify for insurance premiums discounts.
  • Lastly, protect the roof from further damages through regular checkups.

Repairing or replacing your roof after a rampant storm is beneficial not only for our safety but that of our entire household and interior property. If you believe your roof needs immediate replacement, you can hire an emergency roofer near me or call us today!

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