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What Color Options Do I Have For My Shingled Roof?

The return on investment when replacing a roof sits at 60 percent, but this depends on location and the situation around it. Good visual appeal through choosing the shingle color wisely can improve the beauty of your home. You can buy shingle colors in several choices like gray, red, blue, green, brown and more. Look for a color that complements your home and taste. You can talk to a roofing company in Maryland to learn about the best options available.

Most Popular Shingle Colors

Most experts will tell you that homeowners choose neutral colors the most. That means grays, blacks and browns see the most widespread demand. Most experts advise that you choose a shingle color that matches the paint color and architectural style of the home. The region you live in influences shingle color because of the climate.

Warm climates, for example, tend to install lighter colored shingles to deflect the sun’s rays and keep the home cooler.

Shingles Add to the Roof Appeal

The roof color accounts for an estimated 40 percent of the curb appeal. While the effects may only subtly influence home buyers, it influences the first impression. You may find it easy to buy the roof color that you already have, but a new color can reinvigorate the appearance of the home.

Look at Homes around the Neighborhood

You can pick out shingle roof colors based on the colors that you like in the neighborhood. Search for homes that use a similar roof color that you would like to try. This gives you an accurate sense of how it would look in natural lighting. Check out the shingles in action at varied times in the day and weather conditions to feel a sense of its appearance.

What Roof Color Offers the Best Resale?

Don’t buy roof shingle colors that distract from the exterior of the home. Believe it or not, the wrong roof color can hurt your home’s value so choose wisely. Neutral roof colors appeal to the most home buyers. Before you buy a color, check the local ordinances and codes to keep compliant with them. Failure to comply will hurt the home’s resale value.

Shingle Color: It Makes a Difference

The color chosen can make your home look drastically different, and this can impact the value. Light-colored shingles look best on light-colored homes. Dark-colored shingles can make a home look smaller, but you may find the classic appeal more preferable to the light-colored shingles.

Besides the curb appeal from choosing a roof color, home renovations make homeowners feel positive emotions. An estimated 74 percent of homeowners report how they want to stay home more after they complete a home renovation project. Taking pride in the appearance of your home is a good thing. When speaking with a roofing company in Maryland, they can often show you your roofing color options based on what they have seen in the past with similar home styles and colors. If you’d like to learn more, call us today!

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