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The Most Affordable Types of Roofing

The roof is often one of a home or building’s most overlooked external features. However, this structure is crucial to protecting residence or frequenters from environmental elements. You have numerous choices when picking which roofing material to place atop their abodes.

That said, when rendering this decision, the best roofers near me will advise you to place a significant emphasis on affordability.

The Most Affordable Types of Roofing

Fortunately, not all roofing materials are exceptionally expensive. Some of the more cost-friendly options include:


Metal has quickly become a favored product because it is considered quite versatile, is available in several color schemes, serves as a good air insulator, is relatively fire-resistant, and does not require a significant degree of heavy lifting to install.

Arguably, however, the material has built this favorable reputation on its durability. Countless studies have been conducted confirming metal’s capacity to remain strong and damage-resistant when exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions like temperature extremes and heavy precipitation.

Industry professionals maintain that some forms of metal roofing cost as little as $1.80 per square foot.


Asphalt is widely thought of as the least inexpensive roofing material available for public consumption. That said, this fact does not preclude it from being one of the most popular and revered products used to build residential and commercial roofs.

Available for the notably low price of $1 per square foot, asphalt is available in several different styles, displays a high degree of durability, and can stand up to harsh elements. Certain products, especially those bestowed high hail ratings, are considered even stronger and capable of remaining in optimal condition anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

That said, asphalt does require some level of maintenance, and said product’s lifespan can be reduced if not properly kept up.


Clay’s costs typically run between $100 and $400 a square foot. On the surface, this may seem pricey in comparison to previously discussed materials. However, roofing and construction professionals often place the clay in the more affordable material category.

This is because the product possesses attributes, such as durability, mold and insect resistance, availability in various colors and contours, and low maintenance requirements.

Above all, however, clay’s most positive benefit is the aesthetic appearance it produces. Many industry professionals opine that clay is amongst the most visually appealing materials on today’s market. Clay roofs often enhance a construction’s curb appeal. Favorable curb appeal can greatly increase a property’s monetary value.


Wood shingles often fall in the price range of $70 to $100 per square foot. Though said materials might require a bit more maintenance than other products, wood is still noted for its visual appeal, insect resistance, and its ability to stand up to extreme or damaging elements.

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