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Avoid a Leaky Roof: Protect Your Roofing System by Managing Tree Growth

Baltimore residents sometimes sustain unwelcome residential rooftop damage from nearby trees. As a top roofer in the area, Phil DiBello Family Roofing urges property owners to manage the trees in their yards with care. Prevent large tree limbs from overhanging your residence. Never allow tall trees to grow immediately beside the home.

About a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof may develop in several ways. Sometimes leaks occur gradually, over time. In other cases, a catastrophe results in a severe, readily apparent leak. Both types of roofing system damage concern local homeowners. Consider requesting a roofing inspection from a top roofer in the area if you suspect the presence of leaks!

Three Ways Overhanging Trees Contribute to Leaky Roofs

Large, overhanging tree limbs sometimes cause unwelcome property losses. Just consider three common ways trees can damage roofing systems:

  1. Leaves Clogging Gutters

Have you noticed rooftop gutter clogging problems? Allowing a tree to extend directly above the rooftop permits autumn leaves to cover the roof. When the wind blows this debris into residential rooftop gutter systems, homeowners need to conduct aggressive cleaning. Otherwise, gutters may develop clogs. Over time, these obstructions sometimes contribute to damp roofs. This situation may eventually result in mold formation and the development of leaks.

  1. Branches Loosening Roofing Tiles

A more common problem caused by overhanging tree limbs concerns the loosening of roofing tiles. As the wind rustles through the trees, the branches may repeatedly jostle roofing systems. Eventually, asphalt tiles loosen. Tiles may blow away during high winds. If residents fail to obtain repair services, this situation ultimately results in roof leaks. Pruning back overhanging tree branches regularly helps alleviate this serious problem.

  1. Heavy Trees Puncturing Roofs

Probably the most serious type of leak caused by an overhanging tree occurs when a heavy limb (or a trunk) topples onto a rooftop. Fortunately, this type of accident does not happen very often. Yet it may cause significant property losses. If a tree actually punctures your home’s roofing system, the problem deserves immediate attention. Request a roofing inspection quickly. In this situation, some homeowners discover they must replace the entire roof. Heavy tree trunks and branches potentially cause extensive damage.

Ask For a Top Roofer in The Area

Have you discovered a leaky roof? Take action quickly to fix this problem. In Baltimore and outlying areas, contact Phil DiBello Family Roofing for assistance. Call us today at 410-835-9179. We’ll help you repair (or replace) a leaking roof!

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