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Are You an Apartment Property Manager? Here’s Some Roofing Tips You Should Know!

The roof is essential to any apartment. It’s a protective barrier that can last for a long time if maintained properly. Maintaining a roof can be challenging because it experiences the most damage. Inclement weather is typically the cause of this. Roofing systems also naturally age over time and are sometimes beyond repair. Are you an apartment property manager that’s curious about how to protect your roofs and your residents? Then, keep reading! Here are some roofing tips that you should know.

1) Regularly Clean Roof Surfaces

Excessive dirt and debris on a roof can hinder the drainage process. As a result, this can cause a buildup of water. Cleaning internal drains as well helps water flow properly. Another way to clean the surface of a roof includes removing any debris that causes plant growth and can aid in degradation. Also, prune or remove trees that are growing over the rooftops. Fallen tree limbs can damage shingles and cause leaks.

2) Make Sure Reflective Membranes are Clean

Reflective membranes have the purpose of making an apartment more energy-efficient. However, this cannot happen if they aren’t clean. Regularly clean and remove dirt that could hinder heat reduction. Unclean or darker membranes experience higher temperatures, while the lighter ones designed to operate at low temperatures become hotter when they’re dirty. They also age faster.

3) Repair Flashing

Inclement weather such as violent winds and hailing causes flashing damage.  Flashing is a metal strip that seals the edges of a roof, especially in the areas where water could penetrate such as vents and chimneys. If you don’t repair the flashing, then water leakage is bound to happen. Flashings also become damaged when sealants or fasteners have deteriorated or loosened from the substrate, or the surface where the waterproofing membrane sits.

4) Look Out for Wear and Tear

Missing or curled shingles are wear and tear indicators. Signs that aren’t so obvious are foot-traffic damage. Annual inspections are necessary to keep your roof maintained, and unless you are a roofing expert, you should give us a call.

5) Inspect the Roofing Systems After a Storm

Storms may cause severe damage. Often homeowners and commercial building owners alike, do not inspect their roofing systems right away unless there’s a leak or worse! After a severe storm comes, get in contact with a roofing contractor ASAP to make sure there are no issues.

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