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How Can I Make My Home More Energy-Efficient?

An energy-efficient home not only lowers energy bills but helps the environment overall. Adopting a greener lifestyle has significant benefits and doesn’t take much effort. There are several small ways in which you can preserve the energy in your home and reduce your carbon footprint, but where do you start? We have the answers that […]

How to Cool Your Attic During the Summer

While you may not think about it regularly, your attic can have a significant impact on the interior temperature of your entire home. If your attic is keeping your home warmer than it should be, it’s probably time to consider making some changes. Not only will these upgrades help to keep your home more comfortable, […]

The Benefits Behind CertainTeed Roofing

Phil DiBello Family Roofing partners with CertainTeed to give you the roofing that you need. Roofs are a crucial part of a home because they protect you and your loved ones safe as well as your property and personal belongings. Roofs should be pleasing to the eye as well. CertainTeed specializes in high-quality shingles and […]

Myths About Replacement Windows Debunked!

  Windows are vital within the home because they protect you and your home from the elements. Imagine there being a storm or a hot day and not having the ability to close or open the windows. Here at Phil DiBello Family Roofing, we are experts in regards to window installation and replacing windows. If […]

Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows are a homeowner favorite because of how much charm and character they add to a home. Bay windows are aesthetically pleasing and add to the resale value of your home. If you’re looking to sell any time soon, this is a high selling point for potential buyers. If you don’t plan on selling […]

Benefits of Garden Windows

Phil DiBello Family Roofing are experts in regards to window installation. One of our focuses is garden windows — a garden window projects from a wall to capture more sunlight than a conventional window. Garden windows are similar to bay windows, which we also install, but much smaller in comparison. They also have glass on […]

Four Things You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

Window replacement is an excellent investment that you can make as a homeowner. New windows can offer a wide range of benefits from savings on utilities and more comfortable living spaces to protecting your home from water damage and more. That said, replacing your windows isn’t always necessary or straightforward. Before you begin a full […]

What You Need to Know About Buying Rain Gutters

Protecting your home from water damage is vital. Therefore, you need a reliable rain gutter system. If the rain gutter that you currently home is damaged or rusty, then it could cause as much harm as a leaky roof. Choosing a rain gutter can become complicated because there are so many options. From vinyl to […]

Five Common Roof Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Your roof is vital to your home; when it’s time for a replacement, you need to make sure it has proper installation. New roof installation is one of the best investments you can make, particularly if you are hoping to sell in the future. A new roof protects your home and family, and it helps […]

What is the Purpose of Fascia in Roofing?

If you asked most homeowners what the fascia is, they probably wouldn’t be able to locate it. Not knowing the location of the fascia makes sense because it’s not easily visible. The word “fascia” derives from Latin origins, and it means strip or board. In regards to architecture or roofing, the fascia board is a […]

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