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Your Next Roofing Contractor in Hanover, Maryland

Hanover, Maryland is located in the area between Baltimore and Annapolis. In the past, the community also consisted of “Anderson”, a post office stop founded along the B&O tracks from the late 1800s. An interesting fact about the community is that it sits along the fall line where the ocean met the shoreline in prehistoric times. The area is now occupied by commercial buildings and thriving suburban neighborhoods full of charming homes. One of the best most underrated parts of your home is the roof. It is a part of the house that goes unnoticed… until there is a leak or damage. Phil DiBello Family Roofing is here to ensure that your roof stays intact and is in good shape to weather whatever storm comes next! We’re the best roofing contractor for your home in Hanover, Maryland. 

We’ve Got Siding How About You?

We do not only work on your Hanover home’s roofing. At Phil DiBello Family Roofing, we specialize in all aspects of your home’s protective and beautiful exterior. The fresh aesthetic of new siding brings instant gratification and excitement, but the benefits of new siding are even greater than nice visuals. New siding installation includes insulation components that keep your home more energy-efficient and increase its value. New installation techniques and applications are designed to “wrap” your home. Our roofing contractors can brief you on all the improvements new siding will bring to the inside and outside of your Silver Spring home!

Do You Feel a Draft? Don’t Worry!

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When you stand or sit near your windows, do you feel cold air? That air you feel is literally blowing money out of your pockets. Drafts and breezy windows are a huge plague on your energy bill. Old windows are one of the most typical sources of heat loss. The older the window, the less energy efficient. Keeping your home sealed from drafts and bugs are a vital purpose of your windows. New materials and current designs allow us to create windows that fulfill that purpose and look great!

Starry, Starry Night… Inside Your Home!

The night sky is a timeless and exquisite part of the world, and skylights a classic design feature to bring the beauty of the sky into your home. Skylights a classic. Through history, skylights were a design element used as a source of ventilation and light for large dwellings, dark rooms, and stuffy upper floor rooms. Your home can still have a contemporary design with a skylight. They blend with any type of home design – from rustic and cozy to sleek and modern. Our roofing contractors know how to incorporate unique aesthetics with the established atmosphere of your Silver Spring home! 

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We are the best solution for all of your exterior housing needs. From great windows to beautiful siding, we can take your home to the next level and keep it safe for years to come.