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Four Reasons to Ask Your Roofer to Check Over Roof Flashing

As experienced roofers in Howard County, Dibello Roofing often receives requests from customers to inspect roof flashing. Taking this step helps maintain the useful lifespan of roofing systems. Flashing problems sometimes provide an early warning about developing leaks.

About Flashing

Most homeowners have noticed flashing on rooftops. Yet not everyone fully appreciates the vital importance of this material. Flashing typically consists of metal strips or panels. Today, some manufacturers also produce rubber flashing components, too. Roofers install flashing around joints, seams, edges, and places where chimneys, skylights, and other building features penetrate through roofs. Unfortunately, high winds and severe storms sometimes damage or bend sections of flashing. These changes may prevent the roof from providing watertight protection over the course of time.

Four Reasons to Ask Dibello Roofing to Inspect Roof Flashing

The team at Dibello Roofing serve as skilled roofers in Howard County. We help customers across Baltimore. We welcome requests to inspect and repair roof flashing. At least four reasons cause real estate owners to seek our assistance with this project:

1. Fixing Loose or Bent Flashing Helps Maintain Roofs in Watertight Condition.

Inspecting and repairing damaged flashing on a regular basis helps keep roofs in a much better condition. This type of maintenance helps property owners maximize their investment in roofing systems.

2. We Offer Knowledgeable Assistance Helping Customers Select Replacement Flashing.

We offer assistance to customers in choosing replacement flashing components. Available metal flashing runs the gamut from expensive copper to aluminum products, for example. We’ll gladly offer input to help customers evaluate different available flashing materials.

3. We Sometimes Install Chimney Crickets to Reinforce Chimney Flashing.

Roofers sometimes construct flashing “crickets” to better waterproof wide chimneys. A cricket may offer improved protection in some settings. We repair or replace this flashing.

4. We Can Apply Chimney Sealants Annually to Help Waterproof Brick Chimneys When We Inspect Flashing.

In older buildings, water sometimes penetrates indoors through fine cracks in chimney masonry. Applying regular coatings of a silicone-based sealant helps waterproof chimney bricks more effectively.

Schedule a Rooftop Flashing Inspection Now

It remains a wise idea to ask roofers in Howard County to inspect rooftop flashing at regular intervals. We provide this service to assist homeowners and businesses. Hire us to evaluate the condition of the flashing and to perform any essential flashing and roof repairs annually. We can also apply a silicone-based sealant at the same time to help protect brick chimneys in Baltimore.

Contact us for this service, or any other roofing services today. Visit us online at Or simply call us at 410-752-7663 today. We look forward to assisting you!

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