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Signs A Roof Must be Replaced

A strong roof is crucial to a home or building’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, in addition to the well-being of those living under and frequenting such locations. Damaged roofs can result in problems, such as interior and exterior damage, a decrease in the construction’s value, rising utility costs, and even minor to moderate health problems for the structure’s residents or patrons.

Considering such facts, Phil Dibello Family Roofing, roofers serving Carroll County and other Baltimore suburbs for more than 40 years, invites our loyal customers to continue reading this short article highlighting several signs indicating that roof replacement might be indicated.

Signs A Roof May Need To Be Replaced

The Appearance Of Stains Or Dark Streaks

Typically, these sights suggest that the roof in question has sustained significant water damage. Should this be the case, the structure’s interior components likely have or will very soon be subjected to damage and deterioration.


Over time, water damage can weaken a roof’s materials. Such events might manifest in sagging where parts of the construction appear sunken. Industry professionals suggest testing these divots using one’s hand or a broom. Should the sagging area feel soft or is easy to push through, the roof has surely been subjected to water damage.


Certain roofing materials, such as wood and asphalt are prone to rotting when exposed to high water concentrations. Rotting often manifests in soft, mushy, malodorous roof tiles that can easily be broken apart.

Missing Tiles

Loose or missing tiles are a surefire indication a roof is deteriorating and might necessitate replacement. Typically, this condition is precipitated by long-standing water exposure. However, extreme weather phenomena, like wind storms could also be the culprit.

Vegetation Growth

Should a homeowner or building proprietor notice vegetation, including moss, algae, or weeds growing atop their roofs, the immediate concern should be raised. Plantlife requires significant quantities of water to grow and remain alive. Ergo, these lifeforms likely indicate the presence of excessive water buildup in either the roof’s exterior or interior components.

Interior Leaks

Interior wetness impacting features, like walls and ceilings might be precipitated by roof damage enabling leaking water to penetrate into the structure. Such events may also be the result of other significant issues, such as plumbing problems and should be investigated as soon as possible.

The Roof Is Aged

Industry professionals maintain that roofs between 10 and 20 years old are more susceptible to damage and should be thoroughly examined by roofers serving Carroll County.

Contacting Us

Home or building owners residing in or conducting business in the Baltimore area who notice their roofs possess any of the preceding issues are encouraged to contact us. We are a family-owned business that takes our role as leading roofers serving Carroll County quite seriously. We provide fast, professional, and quality service and are proud to boast more than 500,000 satisfied customers since we started our business in 1979. More information about us can be found at

At Phil DiBello Family Roofing, we rely on our strong backbone of experience and knowledge to maintain our reputation

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