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Benefits of Garden Windows

A garden window projects from a wall to capture more sunlight than a conventional window.

Phil DiBello Family Roofing are experts in regards to window installation. One of our focuses is garden windows — a garden window projects from a wall to capture more sunlight than a conventional window. Garden windows are similar to bay windows, which we also install, but much smaller in comparison. They also have glass on each side, excluding the bottom of the window. One benefit is that depending on the homeowner’s needs; garden windows can have storage underneath them. There are other benefits, as well. Keep reading to discover them!

More Sunlight

A garden window brings a significant amount of light into your home. Plants need a lot of light to grow properly, so this kind of window is ideal for homeowners that have a green thumb. Adding plants to a home not only has aesthetic appeal but improves air quality. Plants also add peace to a home. There are plenty of studies that support looking at greenery as a way to positively affect your mood and decrease stress levels.

Makes Your Home More Appealing

Garden windows, along with plants, are beautiful to view. Your house will stand out and give your neighbors or a passerby something unique to behold. A garden window will make your home more marketable if you ever plan on selling it.

Sun Protection

Garden windows bring in a lot of light, but there are some filtered glass pane options available. Vents are an option as well. If you’re concerned about UV rays, there are many ways to block them out. Sun damage is a health concern that you shouldn’t take lightly. Therefore, it’s best to thoroughly think about how you want to customize your garden window or any window in general.


If you choose to install a garden window that has vents, it gives you the option of controlling the temperature. When hot summer days come around, you can keep the warm air out. When cold, winter days come about the warm air will stay in your home. The benefit of being able to control airflow is ideal because you’ll utilize your HVAC systems less. When you use your HVAC systems less, it saves you money.

The Main Takeaway

If you’re a person who wants to bring the beauty of nature to the interior of your home, then you can’t go wrong with a garden window. You’ll increase the oxygen levels in your home, save money on cooling costs, and increase curb appeal.

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