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4 Top Tips For Installing A Skylight


What to consider when installing a skylight

Want to open up your dark interior kitchen or add some natural light to your room?  Now that summer is here, consider installing skylights which allow the natural warmth to come into the home.  Skylights are a great way to accent a particular space in a home and give the homeowner a way to personalize their living area.  Although, there are several things to consider before installing a skylight.

Have A Well Laid-Out Plan

There are several things to consider before installing a skylight. When it comes to installing a skylight, homeowners need to consider placement,energy efficiency, and so much more.  You want to make sure the roof is already well installed and is resistant to water damage.  Make sure you thoroughly consult with your contractor and know the effects the skylight will have in a particular space.  Choosing the right contractor should be the first step when planning out a skylight design.

Take The Sun Into Consideration

Placement of the skylight and knowing where the sun will hit are key factors when deciding on skylight installation.  

  • North-facing skylights provide constant but cool illumination.  
  • Those facing east will contribute to the maximum light and solar heat in the morning.
  • A west facing installation will provide afternoon sun and warmth.
  • South-facing skylights provide the most solar heat gain during the winter but allow unwanted heat in the summer.  To prevent this, install a skylight in the shade of leaf-shedding trees or add a movable window coverings.  


The slope or angle of the skylight affects solar heat gain, so be informed when installing your skylight.  A low slope is undesirable because it allows in more solar heat in the summer and less in the winter.  The ideal slope is equal to your geographical latitude plus 5 to 15 degrees.  

Glazing and Insulation

The common products to glaze a skylight are plastic and glass.  Plastic is the cheaper option and is less likely to break than other glazing selections.  Unfortunately, they scratch easily and allow in ultra-violet (UV) rays which are very harmful to people and furniture.  The more costly option is glass but is more durable due to it being safety laminated with a tempered and laminated glass.  Glazing technologies are constantly evolving to reduce summertime solar heat gain and winter heat loss.


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